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    Solid wood flooring, parquet, bamboo flooring these three types of floor damage, you can take renovation measures, but the prerequisite is the floor surface to 4 mm. If the floor surface is too thin, the grinding will be grinding out the middle layer, affecting the life of the floor.plastic and wood board sri lanka
    Non-solid wood flooring is usually not recommended renovation, because the non-solid wood flooring layer is compressed board or particleboard and other materials, if the renovation in accordance with the solid wood flooring, polished on the surface, it is easy to grind out the hidden inside wood slag. At present, there is a floor surface treatment materials, can be directly on the non-solid wood flooring surface renovation, how to add a backrest to a bench
    the price is about 15-20 yuan / square meter, renovation time 1-2 days, after renovation of the floor can guarantee within one year will not occur problem. Such as the strengthening of the floor is not recommended for renovation, first, lower prices, refurbished and re-purchase price or less, the second is to strengthen the surface of the floor is the hardest part of the refurbished polished surface wear layer will be destroyed, composite fencing ideas
    exposing the middle Gluing layer, likely to cause floor aging.

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